The Diesel Doctor

For over 40 years, the Diesel Doctor™ has been servicing everything from large fleets to small diesel generators. Whether it's a complete engine rebuild or a simple recalibration of the rocker arms - he is at the ready with wrench in hand. Whatever your diesel repair questions or locations are, Doc's Diesel can answer them!

Diesel Engine Servicing

Diesel Fuel Additive Treatment - Complete Engine Overhauls - Injector Cleaning
Turbo Chargers - Crank Grinding - Alternators - Filters - Belts - Fuel Lines

Diesel Mechanics Standing By

We can get your diesel truck engine running smooth and clean!

How is Your Engine Running?

Let our diesel mechanics service your engine today! The Diesel Doctor can diagnose your motor and get her running like the day she was born.

Diesel Doc

Diesel Fuel Additives and Polishing Systems

Every engine is crucial to a business or boat which means lost money when they don't run. One of the biggest factors with diesel engines is the fuel, and more specifically the condition and quality of it. Lets face it, diesel fuel can be dirty so its imperative you keep it clean with diesel fuel polishing systems and the use of additives.

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