Diesel Doctor Fuel Additive

Diesel Doctor Fuel Treatment

Keep your diesel engine in good health by listening to the Diesel Doctor! Always use a diesel treatment product in your car, truck or boat to keep your fuel clean. Doctor Diesel has perfected fuel treatment additives for large HP engines that reduces exhaust smoke, helps with cold starting and stops engine knock.

XDP Diesel Power Plus

Nothing is more important than having clean, treated diesel fuel in your truck engine, no matter the gallons or wether its a Cat, Cummins or Yanmar, always use a quality product like Algae-X Fuel Solutions, Diesel Kleen, Stanadyne, Xtremediesel, or XDP Diesel Power Plus.

Take Care of Your Fuel and it Will Take Care of You!

Use the Diesel Doctor Fuel Additive and enjoy having your tank full of clean diesel fuel. Mixing in his fuel treatment will take out algae and other contaminants - so listen to the Diesel Doctor and use a conditioner! Even if you don't use the Doc's own brand at least put something in their such as one of the other quality products like Algae-X Fuel Solutions, Diesel Kleen with Cetane Boost, Stanadyne, Xtremediesel, and XDP Diesel Power Plus.